Friday, May 13, 2011

The River:

    Heavy frost on the grass and truck this morning, thank goodness for the cooler weather over night as the river has receded about 6 inches. The gravel trucks worked all night, trying to keep the Highway open for us travelers, thank you guys and gals.

     I am sitting here at work Fridays are always slow :) Listening to music and Katie is making a lemon meringue pie for Herbie's birthday tonight, The sun is shining but it is really windy! The men will go and get our wash plant for the gold mine tonight, as it needs some modifications done to it. Then a mining we will GO soon!!

Our Beautiful Marsha
    Tomorrow I am going to pick up our adopted daughter and spend the day with her, looking forward to that. We will go and pick out the seeds for the garden. Then Sunday I can get my hands dirty planting them, I hope if it continues to warm up.

  Just came back from the river after lunch and it has gone down at least another 6 inches since this morning. It is a good thing for now till the rains come again. The clouds are rolling in and it is cooling off.

   This is our Gold Claim we call it Dakodie Lake. Named after the puppies Odie and Dakota: These were summer and fall 2010.  

Odie Guarding Camp!

Dakota watching the resident Beaver!
Fall 2010
The puppies love to be at the claim they swim for hours, and especially love to go fishing. If we all had our way we would live there year around!! There are lots of Beavers, Osprey, Loons, Moose, Bears and Squirrels.
One of the many Beaver Houses.
One of the Many Beavers

Fresh caught trout for supper

Ha Ha I got the stick!!
We love to cook over the open fire. There is nothing like it!
Miss Puddles

    Well it is time to go and help Katie with supper, Dennis just brought me a home made beer to sample to make sure it is good enough for company!! It is a dirty job but someone has to do it.

Till next time.
Health and Happiness Jackie

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