Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Weekend

     Wow what a busy weekend got a lot accomplished!!
Friday night Dennis and Katie had Herbie's birthday at there place, we had a wonderful supper of chicken, asparagus, garlic potatoes and parsnips. Then for dessert Lemon Meringue pie. Herbie is an old time miner he has lived here in Cottonwood for over 30 years, he has a cabin on the Cottonwood River, it is about 200 Sq. Feet, has no insulation, he heats with a tiny wood stove, that has a hole in the bottom of it and the hot coals fall out on to the floor. He has no hydro or phone. He is quite the character. Herbie has lots of wonderful stories to tell. One day I will do a post just on his stories.
Herbie at Dakodie Lake Sharpening the Saw!
Spazz Loves Herbie
The guys went to get the wash plant around 8 pm but the tractor could not lift it.   

The lower part of the wash plant
So it will have to wait for the loader.

Katie, Ellen, Herbie and I took a drive up the 600 Rd. To see where the bridge at 4 km had washed out, and left a Miner stranded. The Miner was able to get out but had to leave his truck on the other side of John Boyd Creek.

Saturday morning  Rick, Orville and Dennis, are going to work on the brakes of Orville's loader to get it ready to pick up the wash plant and get it ready for the mining season.  
Orville happy the Brakes are done.
Dennis: Peek a Boo

Dropped Rick off at Orville's at 10:30, and then I went into pick up Marsha and spend the day with her.

    Marsha gave me a beautiful picture that she drew for Mothers Day, here is a picture of it.

We went to the nursery and got the seeds for the gardens. We got Lettuce, seed potatoes, swiss chard, carrots, radishes, red, yellow and green onions, beets, celery, and in a week or two I will get the tomato plants. I love to plant the seeds and watch as they progress through out the different stages till they are ready to harvest. Then we went and had lunch, of course Marsha spent 3/4 of that time on her phone.  Then on to get the rest of the groceries, dog and cat food. I dropped Marsha off shortly after 4 pm, and headed home.
I stopped at Orville's on my way to see how they were making out, It poured rain most of the day, and they had the area tarped so they would stay dry. I went home and unloaded the groceries while Rick got a caliper for a bolt and then we went back over to help finish up for the day.
 Dennis headed home and Orville came over for supper, they were pretty tuckered out.
Just a couple of winks is all I need!
Katie said this is what Dennis looked  like
Spazz needed a snack before Rick could Nap
Rick had to work on Sunday, so I planned on planting some trees in the front yard, and planting the gardens. The previous owners cut all the trees down on our property for pasture for their horses. Well I love trees more than horses so, my goal this year is to plant at least 40 trees. I got 11 done on Sunday morning. I would dig the holes in the ground then go in the bush surrounding our property and find a lonely tree and bring it home. Spazz followed me all morning into the bush back to the hole I dug earlier and then she would look for some mice and birds to chase. 
On one trip into the bush I was half way through digging up a tree and I heard claws on a larger tree and then scurrying up the tree, well my heart stopped thinking it was a bear cub and then I slowly turned around and here it is Spazz hanging off a branch looking at me. (Crazy Cat) Thomas sitting on his stool at the kitchen widow cried let me out all morning. He is an inside cat and not allowed out side without his harness and leash on. 

At around 11 am Carl and Val showed up with their ATV'S to go for a ride down the Blue Road, it was a beautiful day sunny and plus 26.
Val & Carl

All tuckered out
Spazz came in when I went to make lunch for the guys still working on the loader at Orville's. Thomas felt better now that she was inside with him so they snuggled. I made egg salad sandwiches on homemade whole wheat bread and homemade banana bread, for their lunch.  I got my bike out and rode over with their lunch.

I rode back home, and proceeded to plant the vegetable gardens. I just need a place to plant the potatoes, will have to think about it this week and see what I will do with them.

Now it is time to start supper, roast beef with potatoes and carrots. Rick got home from work at 7:30 and then went to get Orville as he was still working on the loader, and I knew he did not have time to cook for himself they came back and ate. I ate around 5:30, I do not eat after 8 pm as it is not good for me. Then they were off to get more scrap metal for some purpose at another neighbors, I did the dishes and finished folding the laundry.

Monday was a beautiful day with lots of sunshine, but they were calling for heavy rain, so after work I rushed home to cover the gardens up with the green house. So all of the seeds did not wash away. When the rain hit it hit with a vengeance, on Tuesday Rick and Dennis spent the day at you guessed it Orville's as he was up all night with his basement flooding, Katie had a lasagna in the freezer that she took out and I made a salad to take over to them for supper. It was another late night. I did not want to get up this morning but I dragged myself out of bed and the puppies were doing there usual puppy parade, they both always parade around with stuffed toys in there mouths in the morning and in the evenings when we get home.
Dakota and Spazz Snuggling

Odie and Spazz Snuggling

Here it is Wednesday already and the rain is starting again, if it quits for a few hours I would like to get a few more trees planted this week, but first tonight after work it is Bread making time again. Rick and Orville took his loader out to get it ready to pick up the wash plant tomorrow night.
Now here it is Thursday bread and buns done for the week and groceries were done tonight and maybe I can get some more trees planted tomorrow after work. Katie just called and the guys got the wash plant to their place now the work begins getting it all ready to go to the claim.

Good night will write more after the long weekend. Have a safe and wonderful weekend everyone.

Health & Happiness

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